Browning Rockwell's career spans a range of disciplines related to international business, project and technical management, and business development. He is an industry pioneer in Internet and eCommerce technology. He is currently creating and building WeWa.life, a consumer-facing health navigation platform. WeWa.life combines behavioral science, behavioral informatics, smartphone, and IoT technologies to provide better daily health & wellness decision making leading to a longer life. WeWa.life was a semi-finalist in a recent AHRQ Challenge.

Browning Rockwell


Dr. Mian founded Curelator Inc. in 2013 based on the belief that one-size-fits-all medicine was failing the majority of humans who were not “average”.  This short-coming is most acutely observed in chronic diseases with episodic attacks such as migraine, IBS, epilepsy, depression where medications are therapeutically effective in only a minority of patients.


Alec Mian