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Vision: A world where personalised clinical studies (for both single and groups of individuals) are an integral part of clinical practice and health research


Mission: To promote, support and advance the use of personalised clinical studies, and to share relevant knowledge, experience, expertise, resources, and data through our global partnership between researchers, healthcare professionals, and patients. 


1) To raise awareness of, and promote use of, individual and pooled personalised clinical studies (N-of-1 and SCEDs) 

2) To collaborate with organizations across the globe, to share experience, knowledge, expertise, resources, and data, and to build capacity for personalised research 

3) To support consumers, researchers, and clinicians involved in conducting and translating personalised research into clinical care 

4) To promote and provide opportunities for people interested in N-of-1 and SCED designs to meet, communicate, and collaborate (to learn and achieve the synergetic effects of sharing concerns and reflections), for example through meetings and online through listservs, webinars etc

5) To positively impact policy and practice and thus health, economic, and social outcomes

6) To contribute to ongoing development of international standards and guidelines to promote rigorous design, conduct, and reporting of individual and pooled N-of-1 and SCED studies 

7) To promote use of digital technologies to facilitate data collection and management in personalised clinical studies

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