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A/Prof Jane Nikles

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Jane is a registered Medical Practitioner and clinical researcher at The University of Queensland. Jane has more than 20 years’ of experience in conducting N-of-1 trials and has published multiple papers that have contributed to the development of the field. She has an interest in improving the science of N-of-1 trials and exploring the applications of these trials to maximise patient health outcomes.


Dr Suzanne McDonald

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Suzanne is Chartered Psychologist and clinical researcher at The University of Queensland. She is interested in the development and application of N-of-1 trials and single-case designs in medicine, psychology and digital health. Suzanne has applied these methods, including single-case observational designs (SCODs), to study a range of health-related behaviours and chronic disease symptoms. 

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Prof Robyn Tate

Robyn is a Professor at the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research in the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. With a background in clinical and neuropsychology, she has extensive clinical experience in the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury. Robyn co-directed the development of scales to assess methodological quality of single-case research (the SCED Scale and RoBiNT Scale), and led an international team in producing reporting guidelines for single-case experimental designs in the behavioural sciences (SCRIBE). 

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Dr Michael Perdices

Michael is a neuropsychologist and for the last 20 years he has been working as a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Michael has more than 30 years' of clinical and research experience. He has expertise in the analysis of single-case data using a wide range of visual and statistical analysis techniques. He co-directed the work to develop the SCED Scale, the RoBiNT Scale and the SCRIBE reporting guidelines

with Prof Robyn Tate. 

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Professor Patrick Onghena

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Patrick is a professor in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at KU Leuven, Belgium. His background is in clinical psychology, research methodology, and statistics. His research interests include single-case experimental design and analysis, the methodology of systematic reviewing and meta-analysis, and research on statistics education. He is the author of numerous publications on the topic of single-case designs and an author of the handbook on Randomization Tests.

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Professor Nicholas J Schork

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Nicholas is Deputy Director and Distinguished Professor of Quantitative Medicine at The Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He has published over 550 articles in many areas of biomedical and translational science, including patient-oriented clinical trials design. He has a long history of collaborative and consortium-related research, including his current position as scientific director of the current NIA-funded Longevity Consortium, whose goals are to identify factors that contribute to human health and longevity.


Professor Karina Davidson

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Karina is the head of the Center for Personalized Health at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. She focuses on innovations in N-of-1 trials for the personalization of chronic disease treatment and symptom management. Karina's past studies include randomized controlled trials on healthy and hypertensive patients, depression screening and treatments, psychosocial and behavioral risk exploration, and cardiac-incident recurrence and mortality.

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A/Prof. Rikard Wicksell

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Rikard is a clinical researcher and psychologist at Karolinska University Hospital, and an Associate Professor in Psychology, and head of the research group Behavioral Medicine at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet. His ongoing translational research program includes studies related to treatment evaluation (outcome and change processes), predictors and moderators of change, measurement development, and e-health (computer and smartphone based assessment and treatment). 

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Professor Johan Vlaeyen

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Johan works at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and Maastricht University (Netherlands). Johan highly values translational research, and he and his team have developed customized cognitive-behavioral management strategies for individuals suffering chronic bodily symptoms and utilized replicated single-case experimental designs to evaluate the effects of these interventions.


Professor James McGree

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James is Discipline Leader for Statistics and Operations Research, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology. He has expertise in the field of Bayesian statistics with interests in computational algorithms, design of clinical trials and big data. His research is focused on methodological developments in statistics and relevant applied areas. He published chapters on using statistics for N-of-1 trials in the book The Essential Guide to N-of-1 trials in Health

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Browning Rockwell

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Browning Rockwell's career spans a range of disciplines related to international business, project and technical management, and business development. He is an industry pioneer in Internet and eCommerce technology. He is currently creating and building, a consumer-facing health navigation platform. combines behavioral science, behavioral informatics, smartphone, and IoT technologies to provide better daily health & wellness decision making leading to a longer life. was a semi-finalist in a recent AHRQ Challenge.

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