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The ICN has a key focus on collaboration and encourages members to regularly attend in-person and virtual events. This can enable the exchange of ideas, fostering partnerships, and can spark developments in the field.


This page lists upcoming and past events about N-of-1 trials and single-case designs that may be of interest to our community. Upcoming events are also advertised in the quarterly ICN member newsletter - to receive this you need to join the ICN. 

Upcoming events


---There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time---

Past events

You can view details of past events by clicking on the boxes below.   

Giving a Lecture

Want to advertise an event?

We can help! If you would like to advertise an event about N-of-1 trials and/or single-case designs, tell us the details by completing an Event Form (coming soon) or email us at We will be happy to advertise the event to our members in the quarterly newsletters and on this webpage. 

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