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Symposium: Small Is Beautiful {Again}

Date: 14th, 15th and 16th of April 2021


Location: Virtual Symposium


Hosted by:


Single-Case Experimental Design (SCED) research has exponentially increased in recent years. Clinicians and researchers alike are benefiting from SCED’s flexibility and potential for innovative and robust findings. The result of such staggering interest has culminated in the current symposium, which strives to bring together experts and novices in this growing field of research. We aim to continue expanding awareness, knowledge, and expertise of this increasingly prominent research methodology.

This second international fully online N=1 symposium "Small is Beautiful {Again}" is a joint venture between KU Leuven (Belgium) and Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), and takes place 14, 15, and 16 April 2021. 

Day 1 April 14: Keynotes

Coordinator: Johan W.S. Vlaeyen

Speakers: Rikard Wicksell, Robyn Tate, Suzanne McDonald, Rumen Manolov, Kimberly Vannest, Sunita Vohra, and Tom Kratochwill


  • Six 1-hour interactive Q&A sessions with each of the invited experts.

  • Pre-recorded lectures and slides will be made available to registered participants 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • Participants will have access to the presentations and be able to post questions on a dedicated platform prior to the symposium as well as during the live streams Q&A sessions from the CHAT function. A moderator will be present to collect questions and present them to the expert.

  • Click Here for more information.

Day 2 April 15: Workshops

Coordinator: Patrick Onghena

Speakers: Robyn Tate, Jürgen Wilbert & Timo Lüke, Suzanne McDonald, René Tanious, Tamal Kumar De, Wim Van den Noortgate, Kimberly Vannest, Rumen Manolov, Samantha Bouwmeester, John Ferron & Mariola Moeyaert


  • 2-hour interactive workshop sessions run by some of the keynote speakers and other leaders in the field of single-case experimental design.

  • The workshops focus on the use of software for the design and analysis of single-case experiments, hands-on exercises, and group discussions of methodological and reporting guidelines.

  • The number of participants for each workshop will be limited to 30 to encourage lively interactions and discussions.

  • Several parallel sessions will be run in order to provide room for anyone interested in attending.

  • Pre-registration needed with a 'first come, first served' allocation method. Click Here to see events page and register your interest.

Day 3 April 16 Poster sessions

Coordinator: Livia Guadagnoli


  • Live-streamed interactive event featuring innovative research in single-case experimental design, comprised of a series of poster sessions with breaks in-between.

  • The posters will be grouped together by theme, allowing attendees to select sessions that are of the most interest to them.

  • Sessions are formatted to closely match  a live poster session with each presenters giving a brief overview of their poster with slides and answer live questions from other attendees.

  • 3 poster awards will be awarded to authors of outstanding posters in the field of N=1 or SCED

  • Click Here for more information.

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