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There are 2 events in April 2023

ACTA STInG: N-of-1 Trials Webinar Series


Dates: 18th April & 2nd May 2023


Location: Virtual webinars

Description: This is a 2-part webinar series intended to cover the design and analysis of n-of-1 trials.*PLEASE NOTE*: If you'd like to register for BOTH sessions, you will need to register for them separately.

N-of-1 trials are experiments in which patients are systematically allocated to repeated episodes of treatment with interventions, typically pharmaceuticals, whose effects are being compared. Traditionally, n-of-1 trials have been analysed independently on a patient by patient basis but this four-lecture course will consider the design and analysis of sets of n-of-1 trials, that is to say involving many patients, with various objectives, for example, not only to study the average effects of treatments but also to identify differences in individual response.

The emphasis of the course will be practical and philosophical and mathematical development will be kept to a minimum. Analysis in R, SAS and Genstat will be covered. 



Webinar 1- 18th April 5-6:30pm AEST

This webinar will introduce the topic and consider some relevant history. This session will concentrate on using n-of-1 trials to estimate average treatment effects and will consider both randomisation approaches and fixed linear models.


Webinar 2- 2nd May 5-6:30pm AEST

This webinar will be concerned with estimating individual effects using mixed models with random subject effects, and will also consider the planning of n-of-1 trials


To find out more or to register for the event, visit the event website.  

Symposium: Small is Beautiful {Once More}


Date: 24th-27th April 2023


Location: Virtual Symposium

Description: Within-person research has exponentially increased in recent years. Clinicians and researchers alike are benefiting from the flexibility and potential of research methods focusing on the individual. The result of such staggering interest has culminated in the current symposium, which strives to bring together experts and novices in this growing field of research. We aim to continue expanding awareness, knowledge, and expertise of this increasingly prominent research methodology.This third international fully online N=1 symposium "Small is Beautiful {Once More }" is a joint venture between KU Leuven (Belgium) and Karolinska Institutet (Sweden). The general theme of the symposium will be bringing together the two worlds of single case designs: Single Case Observational Designs (SCODs) and Single-Case Experimental Designs (SCEDs).


To find out more or to register for the event, visit the event website.  

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