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Virtual symposium on N-of-1 Trials

Date: December 2020


Location: Virtual Symposium


Hosted by:


This virtual symposium brings together international scholars, practitioners and clinicians to discuss the growing field of N-of-1 trials and Single-Case Experimental Designs (SCED). Each symposium presentation has been posted below. The symposium webpage can be accessed here.


Part 1- Introduction to N of 1 Trials







Part 2- N of 1 Design and Analysis Methods





Part 3- Field Building



Part 4- Patient Community in Focus: Persistent Lyme Disease














Associate Professor Jason Bobe (Mount Sinai) provides an overview of the event and introduces the goals.

Dr. Richard Kravitz (UC Davis) provides a history of the field and describes the utility of n-of-1 trials.

Associate Professor Mariola Moeyaert (University of Albany) introduces commonly used methods for the analysis of n-of-1 trials.

Associate Professor Beth Percha (Mount Sinai) discusses how simulation can aid study design.

Dr. Jane Nikles (University of Queensland) is interviewed about her experiences running an academic center focused on n-of-1 trials and her vision for the future of the field.

Dr. Suzanne McDonald (University of Queensland) introduces the International Collaborative Network for N-of-1 Clinical Trials and Single-Case Designs (ICN).

Dr. John Aucott (Hopkins) discusses persistent symptoms in Lyme disease following treatment, including fatigue, pain, cognitive issues, and sleep problems.

Dr. Sunjya Schweig (California Center for Functional Medicine) introduces the basics of sleep physiology, common sleep disturbance issues and reviews methods for coping with sleep problems associated with Lyme disease.

Dr. Andrew Varga (Icahn School of Medicine) provides an overview of common sleep disorders, their treatment and tools used by physicians to assess sleep disorders.

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