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Mini-conference: Single Subject Causal Mediation Analysis

Date: 26th-30th August 2019


Location: Leiden University, The Netherlands



  • Milica Miočević (University of Utrch)

  • Mariola Moeyaert (University at Albany)

  • Marija Maric (University of Amsterdam)

  • Axel Mayer (Aachen University)


Summary: The workshop will consist of a mix of 1) lectures designed for invited speakers to share their expertise relevant to the topic and for moderators from different fields to ask clarification questions and provide comments that would help in combining the speaker’s and moderator’s expertise with the goal of designing methods that can be used for causal mediation analysis of single-subject data, 2) hands-on sessions during which participants will analyze real data, and 3) interactive sessions during which the participants will present the results of analyses conducted during the hands-on sessions and receive feedback on the proposed method(s) in order to refine it and make it even more suitable for causal mediation analysis of repeated measures of a single individual. Together, this interdisciplinary team will identify and evaluate promising methods for single subject causal mediation analysis, and create tools for clinicians, doctors, and scientists to research causal mechanisms that lead to changes in processes of interest for a single individual. These methods will be applicable in a wide range of fields, from clinical psychology, medicine, epidemiology, to sociology and marketing.


For further information, please contact Milica Miočević:



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