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Dr. Ann-Marie Morrissey is a Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Limerick (UL) where she is also a member of the Health Research Institute and the Ageing Research Centre. She completed her PhD at the National University of Ireland, Galway using single-case design to explore the assessment and treatment of people living with prolonged disorders of consciousness.  Ann-Marie is interested in the application of N-of-1 trials and other single-case designs in the fields of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. She is passionate about increasing awareness and understanding of this methodology. 

Ann-Marie Morrisey

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Dr Sam Calder is a speech pathologist and lecturer at the University of Tasmania. He completed his PhD at Curtin University where he evaluated the efficacy of a novel intervention to improve morphosyntax in children with Developmental Language Disorder using a single-case experimental design. He is passionate about encouraging students and clinicians to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions through the clinical application of N-of-1 trials and single-case designs.

Sam Calder

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Dr Sam Harvey is a speech therapist and postdoctoral research fellow in the Queensland Aphasia Research Centre at The University of Queensland. Cam completed his PhD in the Centre of Research Excellence in Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation at La Trobe University in which he used single-case experimental designs to examine dose-response relationships in a common aphasia treatment. Sam aims to raise the profile of this powerful but underutilised, underappreciated, and oft-maligned experimental methodology. Sam has a vision for a future in which individual participant data from many high quality N-of-1 studies could be meta-analysed to infer population-level effects for relatively rare and highly heterogeneous conditions like aphasia.

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Dr Crichton is an ECR clinician-scientist, and an Adjunct Researcher within the Department of Paediatrics, Monash University. She holds a joint appointment at Monash Health as a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Coordinator of VicFAS, Victoria's first statewide-FASD diagnostic service. She is interested in conducting clinically relevant research and her research in the past has focused on acquired brain injuries and chronic health conditions (particularly cerebral palsy). Her PhD, completed in 2017 was in the area of fatigue and sleep difficulties after child brain injury, with the aim of leading to better treatment and daily functioning. She is motivated to conduct clinically relevant and interventional research. Dr Crichton is a current recipient of the Thrasher Early Career's research award. She is conducting an N-of-1 trial in ADHD medication in ADHD comorbid with FASD. She hopes to continue to expand this trial research into other clinically relevant areas of concern for children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as FASD.

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