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We strongly encourage members of the ICN to contribute to the ICN website. We invite members to write short blogs on a topic related to N-of-1 clinical trials or SCEDs and/or to send us suggestions about recent papers that can be featured on the ICN website for further discussion amongst members.

To submit a short blog:
We are happy to receive structured blog posts on specific N-of-1/SCED topics, as well as ‘freestyle’ blogs that may:

  • Share new ideas and projects

  • Update members about current projects, events and activities

  • Discuss key research papers

  • Ask methodological questions


Please send your blog (of no more than 600 words), with a catchy title (of 100 characters or less), along with a 1-2 sentence summary about yourself and photo (optional) to


To submit a recent paper: 
Please send a full-text copy of your suggested recent paper, along with a short summary about why you think the paper is important to the N-of-1 and SCED community, to

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