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Designing Robust N-of-1 Studies for Precision Medicine

Authors: Dr Bethany Percha, Dr Edward B Baskerville, Matthew Johnson, Dr Joel T Dudley, Dr Noah Zimmerman

Summary: In this article the authors present simulation studies to demonstrate how various n-of-1 methodological designs, such as carryover effects, number/order of treatment periods and sampling frequency affect the ability to detect differences between treatments tested using N-of-1 trials. The simulation software developed is available on GitHub (please see the paper for more details about how to access the software). The authors conclude with a set of important recommendations for the design and optimisation of future N-of-1 trials.

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Full reference: Percha B, Baskerville EB, Johnson M, Dudley JT, Zimmerman N. Designing Robust N-of-1 Studies for Precision Medicine: Simulation Study and Design Recommendations. Journal of medical Internet research. 2019;21(4):e12641.

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