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In ICN member introductions
May 19, 2021
Hi! My name is Nikola Poli and I am currently working at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. I have a Bachelor of Mathematics (Statistics), and will soon be moving overseas to study my Master of Science. 1. What N-of-1 and single-case projects are you working on right now? Currently, I am conducting the statistical analysis for two N-of-1 studies: Melatonin in Youth: N-of-1 trials in a stimulant-treated ADHD Population (MYNAP) and N-of-1 Trials for Testing Melatonin for Insomnia for people with Parkinson's Disease. This is a great experience for me as recent graduate, as I have the opportunity to put my learnings from university into practice. 2. What excites you most about the field of N-of-1 trials and single-case designs? The scope in the field! There is so much potential for N-of-1 trials and single-case designs to be widely used in our world, particularly in healthcare where we can use them to improve health outcomes. This makes it an exciting area for me as a young professional to be involved in. 3. Why did you join the ICN? I joined the ICN because I am very interested in data analytics methods in medicine, particularly those used in N-of-1 trials and single-case studies. I have since joined the ICN Executive Committee as an Early Career Rep. In this role I hope to help the ICN's vision of increasing awareness of these methods with a particular focus on encouraging other young professionals to get involved in this field.


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