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Exploring human biology with N-of-1 clinical trials

Authors: Schork, Beaulieu-Jones, Liang, Smalley & Goetz (2023)

The authors of this manuscript deliver an excellent commentary on what N-of-1 trials have to offer precision medicine. They share a vision for the role of multivariate N-of-1 trials and provide a compelling argument for why such trials can provide a valuable contribution to the evidence base in many clinical areas. The authors make the case for multivariate N-of-1 trials addressing fundamental unanswered questions about human biology and being used as a tool to facilitate drug repurposing, which has received considerable attention in the scientific literature of late.

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Full reference: Schork, N. J., Beaulieu-Jones, B., Liang, W. S., Smalley, S., & Goetz, L. H. (2023). Exploring human biology with N-of-1 clinical trials. Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine, 1, e12

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