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A spotlight on… Associate Professor James McGree

I’m James McGree, an Associate Professor of Statistics at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia and the ICN Statistics Theme Co-ordinator. Recently, I have been collaborating with Associate Professor Jane Nikles around N-of-1 trials, and we have some publications and a number of trials currently underway.  My primary role in this collaboration is designing the N-of-1 trials (e.g. sample size, randomisation schedule, etc) and analysing the subsequent data (e.g. individual reports, aggregated analysis, etc).  I enjoy the work that I do with Dr Nikles, and want to collaborate with others in the N-of-1 space.  So, if you are seeking statistical support for your N-of-1 trials or SCEDs, then please get in touch as I would be very happy to discuss.  More generally, I have an interest in designing experiments, and this is my main research focus in statistics.  Further details about my research and contact details can be found on my webpage.

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