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A SCED Study on Improving Social Communication Skills after Traumatic Brain Injury

Authors: Dr Rachael Rietdijk, Emma Power, Melissa Brunner, Dr Leanne Togher


This paper describes a SCED to evaluate telehealth to deliver social communication skills training with two participants with severe traumatic brain injury. The study was designed in line with the recommendations of the RoBiNT scale. This study provided evidence that delivery of TBIconneCT via videoconferencing was feasible, had effects on communication outcomes and was well accepted by families. Although it was not possible to demonstrate a treatment effect using exchange structure analysis on conversation samples, both participants and their communication partners reported positive changes in communication on other measures, with blinded raters observing improved participation in post-treatment conversations.

The full title of this article is 'A single case experimental design study on improving social communication skills after traumatic brain injury using communication partner telehealth training'

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