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StudyMe: a new mobile app for user-centric N-of-1 trials

Authors: Zenner, Böttinger & Konigorski, 2022

This article introduces ‘StudyMe’, an open-source mobile application that aims to support non-experts in conducting their own user-centric N-of-1 trials. N-of-1 trials are multi-crossover self-experiments that allow individuals to systematically evaluate the effect of interventions on their personal health goals. The authors report that there is a gap in the availability of tools to support consumers in conducting N-of-1 trials and that StudyMe aims to fill this gap. The development of StudyMe was informed by a survey of 272 participants and an iterative, user-centred development and testing process. The authors report that participants can create their own trials successfully and the app achieved a very good usability rating on the 10-item System Usability Scale (average score of 82/100). The authors suggest that StudyMe provides a significant step towards enabling individuals to apply a systematic and scientific approach to personalise health-related interventions and behaviour modifications in their everyday lives.

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Full citation: Zenner, A. M., Böttinger, E., & Konigorski, S. (2022). StudyMe: a new mobile app for user-centric N-of-1 trials. Trials, 23(1), 1-15.

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