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Advancing Individualised Science 


The International Collaborative Network for N-of-1 Trials and Single-Case Designs (ICN) is a global network of researchers, academics, clinicians, and consumers from around the world who are interested in N-of-1 trials and single-case designs to understand and improve outcomes for individuals and groups. 

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Last updated 1st December 2022

N-of-1 and single-case design vision and mission

The ICN's vision is a world where personalised clinical studies (for both single and groups of individuals) are an integral part of clinical practice and health research. Read more about the ICN mission and objectives here. To find out more about the strategic priorities of the ICN please click here to read the ICN position paper. 

N-of-1 and single-case design collaborative network

The ICN aims to encourage discussion and collaboration amongst members through the content and features on this website. Members are encouraged to write Blogs and use the Discussion Forum to share new ideas, update others about current projects and events, discuss key research papers and ask questions. 

ICN Blogs & Interviews with Thought Leaders

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